About csas

About csas

Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences (abbreviation for CSAS), is a lawfully-registered, academic, nonprofit legal social group. It is engaged in the anatomy (including cytology, embryology, histology, neural anatomy, human anatomy, tomographic images anatomy, comparative anatomy and anthropology). It is composed of scientific and technical workers voluntarily. It is part of China Association for Science and Technology, a link connecting the Party, the government and the works engaged in anatomy, and an importance force in developing the important social science of anatomy. Its purpose is to carry out the science and technology principle of the Party and the nation, abide by national constitutions, laws, regulations and social morals. It implements the policy of “A hundred flowers blossoming,” stick to the principle of democracy, carry out academic free discussion. We advocate the dialectical materialism and historical materialism. We persist in seeking truth from facts scientific and a fine style. We promote the practice of "respect knowledge, respect talent" and actively advocate the spirit of  "dedication, innovation, pragmatism, cooperation" of the spirit. We will unite and organize all scientific and technical workers to promote the development and prosperity of anatomical science and technology, to promote anatomy the popularization of science and technology , to promote the growth of anatomical technological talents, to promote the combination of science, technology and economy., to serve for the cosntruction socialist material and spiritual civilization, and to contribute to the accerlation of the realization of socialist modernization. Chinese Society for Anatomical Sciences accept the guidance and supervision of China association for science and technology and Ministry of Civil Affaris in the field of business and orgnization respectively.

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