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Scientific Program

Opening Remarks

Prof. Yun-Qing Li (President of the CSAS)
Prof. Xiao-Ming Wang (Vice-President of the CCMU)
A/Prof. Carlos A. C. Baptista (President of the ISP)

Closing Remarks and Welcome Remarks for the Workshop

Prof. Changman Zhou (Secretary of the CSAS)
Prof. Wei An (Dean of the School of the Medical Sciences, CCMU)

Program at a Glance

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Detailed Program

8 :30 am – 9 :00 am REGISTRATION
9 :00 am – 9 :30 am Opening Remarks by the Presidents of the ISP, CSAS and CCMU
9 :30 am – 10 :20 am Plenary Lecture One : The Science and Scope of Anatomy: Plastination, Research and Ethics
Gareth Jones. University of Otago, New Zealand
10 :20 am – 10 :30 am Photograph
10 :30 am – 10 :45 am Coffee Break – Scientific Posters and Trade Display
10:45 am – 11 :35 am Plenary Lecture Two: Taking students on an anatomical journey: a multifaceted approach
Darrell Evans. Brighton and Sussex Medical School, United Kingdom
11 :35 am – 13 :30 pm Lunch
  Platform Session One – Plastination & Anatomy
Chairs: Prof. Shao-Xiang Zhang & Prof. Gareth Jones
13 :30 pm – 13 :50 pm Chinese Visible Human Project and its Application
Shao-Xiang Zhang. The Third Military Medical University, China.
13 :50 pm – 14 :05 pm Histopathological evaluation of biomedical devices using a plastic embedding technique.
Medlej Bahaa. Slon Viviane, Loeb Emmanuel, Hershkovitz. Tel-Aviv University, Israel.
14 :05 pm – 14 :20 pm Three-dimensional reconstruction of the deep epaxial muscles of the chick using Biodur E12
Adds Philip. St George's School of Medicine, University of London, United Kingdom.
14 :20 pm – 14 :35 pm Micro-CT and sheet plastination assessment of the cadaver cricoarytenoid joint cavity.
Chen Shenghuo1, Ren Jun, Wang Huaqiao2, Xu Wen, Zhang Ming3,4. 1Xinjiang Medical University. 2Sun Yat-Sen University. 3Capital Medical University, China, 4University of Otago, New Zealand.
14 :35 pm – 14 :45 pm Questions & Answers
14 :45 pm – 15 :00 pm Coffee Break
  Platform Session Two – Plastination & Education
Chairs: Prof. Changman Zhou and Prof. Darrell Evans
15 :00 pm – 15 :20 pm Mysterious life museum - a unique museum with plastinated specimens.
Sui Hong-Jin1, Gao Hai-Bin2. 1Dalian Medical University, 2Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique, China.
15 :20 pm – 15 :35 pm The neurovascular bundle of the knee: an anatomic study using plastinated cross sections.
Wengert, Georg1, Sora Mircea-Constantin1, Matusz, Petru2. 1Center for Anatomy and Cell Biology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. 2Anatomical Department, University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babes" Timisoara, Romania.
15 :35 pm – 15 :50 pm P40 Sheet plastination: An emerging tool in medical teaching and imaging studies.
Dhingra Renu1, Pandey Jayashri1, Seith Ashu2, Lalwani Sanjeev3, Kumar Rani1. 1Department of Anatomy, 2Department of Radiology, 3Department of Forensic Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
15 :50 pm – 16 :05 pm Morphological aspects of renal arterial supply and the small intestine of Procyon cancrivorus.
Kleber, Fernando Pereira. Federal University of Goias, Brazil.
16 :05 pm – 16 :15 pm Questions & Answers
16 :15 pm – 16 :45 pm Scientific Posters & Trade Display
16 :45 pm – 17 :50 pm ISP Council Meeting (Room 307)
17 :50 pm Welcome Reception
8 :30 am – 9 :00 am REGISTRATION
9 :00 am – 9 :45 am Plenary Lecture Three: Cadaver Preservation Techniques for Clinical Anatomy - Pros & Cons
Andreas H. Weiglein. Medical University Graz, Austria
  Platform Session Three – Plastination & Technology
Chairs: Prof. Andreas Weiglein and Prof. Lin Yuan
9 :45 am – 10:05 am Histopathology Solvent Recycling.
Hawkes Jack, Kumar MSA. Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. United States
10:05 am – 10:20 am Combination of casting with E20 and consecutive plastination with S10 is a suitable technique for studying the vascularization of the kidney.
Dall Annette Moller, Chemnitz John. University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
10:20 am – 10 :30 am Questions & Answers (for both Plenary Lecture and session three)
10 :30 am – 10 :45 am Coffee Break
  Platform Session Four – Plastination & Application
Chairs: Dr Ameed Raoof and Dr. Philip J Adds
10 :45 am – 11 :00 am Principles of epoxy plastination technique (E12).
Sora Mircea Constantin. Medical University of Vienna, Austria.
11 :00 am – 11 :15 am Exploring the effectiveness of combining plastinated specimens with online learning modules in enhancing anatomy education.
Raoof Ameed. The University of Michigan Medical School, United States
11:15 am – 11 :30 am Plastinated Whale Shark with Silicone Technique at Dalian Hoffen.
Gao Hai-Bin1, Sui Hong-Jin2. 1Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique, 2Dalian Medical University, China.
11 :30 am – 11 :45 am Knowledge, awareness and applicability of plastination technology for anatomical teaching and studies in Nigeria: Opinion of teachers of anatomy in medical institutions.
Azu, Onyemaechi. Okpara.,1 Peter, AniekanImo.,2 Aquaisua, Nyong Aquaisua.,2 Ekandem, Gabriel John.,2 Naidu, Jesse.,1 1Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, South Africa. 2Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Uyo, Nigeria.
11 :45 am – 13 :30 pm Lunch
  Platform Session Five - Plastination & Application
Chairs: Prof. Rafael Latorre and Prof. Hongjin Sui
13 :30 pm – 13 :50 pm The strategy for the three dimensional reconstruction of anatomical structures by using plastinated cross-section.
Matusz Petru1, Sora Mircea-Constantin2, Wengert Georg2. 1University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babes" Timisoara, Romania. 2Medical University of Vienna, Austria.
13 :50 pm – 14 :05 pm The Use of Plastination in Community Outreach & Leadership Development for Medical Students.
Coulter, James, Goodmurphy, Craig W., Gellman, Jonathan. Eastern Virginia Medical School, United States.
14:05 pm – 14 :20 pm Silicone Plastination Trials at Room Temperature on Non Dysmorphic Pediatric and Perinatal Hearts Obtained at Autopsy for Medical Education.
Daniel Richard, Li Xianming, Kelly David. Children's of Alabama, Benjamin Russell Hospital, United States.
14 :20 pm – 14 :35 pm Plastinated bodies exhibitions – A survey study in 500 young individuals.
Raikos Athanasios1, Paraskevas George2, Tzika Maria2, Kordali Panagiota2, Natsis Konstantinos2. 1Bond University, Australia. 2Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
14:35 pm – 14:45 pm Questions & Answers
14 :45 pm – 15:00 pm Coffee Break
  Platform Session Six – Plastination & Application
Chairs : Prof. Mircea-Constantin Sora and Dr Renu Dhingra
15:00 pm – 15:20 pm Sectional anatomy of plastinated knee joint: A boon for anatomists, radiologists and orthopedicians
Neha Jain1, S. Lalwani.2, R. Dhingra.1 1Department of Anatomy, 2Department of Forensic Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India
15 :20 pm – 15:35 pm Application of plastination in making the human body meridian specimen.
Xia Yujun1, Jin Lixin1, Shen Ruowu1, Yang Chengjie2, Zhang Huiqiu2, Ye Qixiao3. 1Qingdao University Medical College, 2Qingdao Science and Art Bio-technology Company Ltd, 3Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.
15 :35 pm – 15:50 pm Preserving state and extraction of DNA in silicone plastinated specimen.
Fu Yuanshan, Yu Shengbo, Gong Jin, Chi Yanyan, Zhang Jianfei, Zheng Nan, Sui Hongjin. Dalian Medical University, China.
15:50 pm – 16:05 pm Application plastinated specimens for teaching pathology
Starchik, Dmitry. International Morphological Centre, Russia
16 :05 pm – 16 :15 pm Questions & Answers
16 :15 pm – 16 :45 pm Scientific Posters & Trade Display
16 :45 pm – 17 :45 pm ISP Business Meeting
Friday JULY 27TH 2012
8 :30 am – 9 :00 am REGISTRATION
9 :00 am – 9 :45 am Plenary Lecture Four: Plastination in Modern Anatomy Teaching and Research.
Beat M. Riederer. University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  Platform Session Seven – Plastination & Research
Chairs : A/Prof. Carlos Baptista and Prof. Beat Riederer
9 :45 am – 10 :00 am Preliminary investigation of trigeminal neuralgia: a novel theory for its management.
Diao, Yunling.1, Yu, Chunjiang.1, Zhang, Ming.1,2 1Capital Medical University, Beijing, China. 2University of Otago, New Zealand.
10 :00 am – 10 :15 am The elbow joint of the dog three-dimensionally reconstructed.
Arredondo Jorge1, López-Albors Octavio2, Sora Mircea-Constantine3, Lozanoff Scott4, Ayala María-Dolores2, Sarria Ricardo2, Becerril Sigrid1, Victoria Mauro1, Latorre Rafael2. 1Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Mexico. 2Murcia University, Spain. 3The Medical University of Vienna, Austria. 4John A. Burns School of Medicine, Hawai, U.S.A.
10:15 am – 10:30 am Considerations during S10 Plastination of a Gabon Viper (Bitis gabonica).
Arredondo Jorge1, Dom_nguez Guillermo1, Jackniuk Mariela1, L López-Albors Octavio2, Hernandez Wendy1, Gonz_lez Patricia1, Aja Guardiola Santiago3, Ayala María-Dolores4, Sarri_ Ricardo2, Latorre Rafael2. 1Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, Mexico. 2Murcia University, Spain. 3National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico.
10 :30 am – 10:45 am Coffee Break
10 :45 am – 11 :00 am Closing Remarks
11 :00 pm – 11 :35 am Scientific Posters & Trade display
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