Depart from Beijing International airport to Dalian at 17:20 or 17:25 PM July 27 2012 by airplane.
Check-in the hotel.

First day (July 28, 2012)
Sightseeing (Xinghai Square and Jinshitan Culture Square) and visit Mysterious Life Museum (The largest plastinated specimen museum in the world), banquet.

Second day (July 29, 2012)
Visit Dalian Hoffen Bio-Technique (The largest plastination laboratory in China) and sightseeing in Lunshunkou (Baiyushan, Eastern Jiguan Mountain, Japan-Russia Prison, two of the above scene spots could be chosen).

The package tour ends in Dalian at 9:00 PM on July 29, 2012.

1. The price covers:

  1. One way ticket from Beijing to Dalian;
  2. Welcome Banquet (July 28, 2012);
  3. Lunches (July 28 & 29, 2012);
  4. Suppers (July 27 & 29, 2012);
  5. Hotel (4-star) accommodations (July 27 & 28,29,2012);
  6. Inter-city transportation, admission fees;

2.  Please arrange the flight departure from Dalian by yourself on July 29 (after 9:00 PM) or 30, 2012.

Jinshitan Mysterious Life Museum is the largest plastinated museum in the world which have been opened on April 30th, 2012.We welcome tourists from all over the world to visit it and experience the mysterious of life. There are three Exhibition Halls: Marine Sprint, Vertebrate Kingdom and Human Body, and more than one thousand exhibits including sea monster, land vertebrates and human body have been collected in the museum.There you could see not only the smallest rorqual -- minke whale, the largest fish--whale shark and many rare marine animals, such as pregnancy finless porpoise and scalloped hammerhead, but also many land vertebrates, such as the lovely camel, running horse, strongly giraffe, naughty macaque and so on.A lot of normal and pathological human body specimens have been collected also. It's really an amazing museum.

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