2014 Beijing Symposia


Plenary Talks

Bernard Moxham: What is best practice for the teaching of gross anatomy?
Lynne Opperman: Anatomy in multidisciplinary research teams.
Yunqing Li: Central neural pathway for nociceptive modulation.
Gareth Jones: Finding a context for Anatomy as a discipline.
Symp 1 Medical Education in the Americas Chairs: R. Drake & W. Pawlina
Symp 2 Body Donations for Anatomy Chair: Beat Riederer
Symp 3A Neurosurgical Anatomy Chair: Shane Tubbs
Symp 3B

Anatomy of Oral Maxillofacial Region

Chair: Brion Benninger
Symp 4A Medical Humanities and Ethics Chair: Gareth Jones
Symp 4B Clinical Embryology & Genetic Engineering Chair: Oladapo Ashiru
Symp 5 Medical Education in Europe Chair: R. Drake & W. Pawlina
Symp 6 Translational Res. in Anatomy Chair: Shane Tubbs & Marios Loukas
Symp 7 Forensic Anthropology Chair: Maryna Steyn
Symp 8 Developments of Terminologies Chair: Pierre Sprumont
Symp 9 Biological Anthropology Chair: Lynne Shepartz
Symp 10 Medical Education in Africa Chairs: R. Drake & W. Pawlina
Symp 11 Cell Biol.: Dental Res & Oral Biol. Chair: Friedhelm Heinemann Doz
Symp 12 Anatomy in Sport Medicine Chairs: Brior Benninger
Symp 13 Medical Ed. in Asia, Aust. & NZ Chair: R. Drake & W. Pawlina
Symp 14 Neurobiology of Disease Chair: Kathryn Jones
Symp 15


Chair: Wu Liu
Symp 16 Vesalius Symposium Chair: Beat Riederer/Bernard Moxham
Symp 17 Imaging & Ultrasound Anatomy Chair: Marios Loukas
Symp 18 Stem Cell Chair: Robert Chunhua Zhao
Symp 19 Neuroanatomy Chair: Yunqing Li
Symp 20 SOBOTTA Symposium on Cell Biolog Chair: Jens Waschke
Symp 21 Role of Anatomy in Translational Research Chair: Lynne Opperman
Symp 22 State of Anatomy Chair: Gareth Jones
Symp 23 Brainnetome Chair: Tianzi Jiang
Symp 24 Horizons in Development  
Symp 25 Permeability Chair: Jingyan Han




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